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Preparation for Final Exam - GEOL 333
8 - 11 AM, Thursday, May 12 in 220 Davenport 

Covers topics listed below. Format will be short-answer questions (~67%), multiple choice (select ALL correct answers, ~15%) and true-false (choose whether it is true or false AND change any false statements to a true statement, ~18%) questions. The Lecture final exam will NOT cover information in Lecture class on Geology of Illinois.

Understand the key concepts, including:

Plate Tectonics - tectonic plate boundaries (physiographic features, presence and type of volcanoes, presence and type of earthquakes, type of plate motion), continent-continent collisions, craton; Rock Cycle

Igneous Rocks - Definition, importance, magma and lava, melting/crystallization at atomic level, texture (relationship with cooling rate), composition (silicic to ultramafic, magma properties, rocks), controls on melting (temperature, pressure, water, chemical composition), nature of crystallization (Bowen's Reaction Series, fractional crystallization), igneous intrusions, petrology of igneous rocks, volcanic rocks (lava flows, pyroclastic eruptions), causes of explosive volcanic eruptions, types of volcanoes, examples of caldera-forming eruptions

Weathering and Soils - Definitions, importance, weathering (physical frost wedging, plant roots, exfoliation; chemical total and partial dissolution, oxidation), controls on soil formation (climate, organics, relief, parent rock/mineral composition, time), soil horizons (O, A, E, B, C), soil minerals vs. depth in soil, soil classification (pedalfer, pedocal, laterite), engineering properties of soils (water content, swelling soil, compressibility, cohesion), soil erosion (controls, mitigation)

Sedimentary Rocks - Definition, abundance in Earth's crust, importance, processes of sedimentary rock formation (weathering, erosion, transportation, deposition, lithification; grain size and shape vs. transportation distance), sedimentary structures (bedding, graded bedding, cross-bedding, ripple marks, mudcracks), classification and petrology of sedimentary rocks (clastic, chemical, organic), depositional environment (continental, marine, transitional), sedimentary facies, porosity and permeability of sediment and rock

Metamorphic Rocks - Definition, distribution of metamorphic rocks outcrops in North America, importance, controls on metamorphism (parent rock, temperature, pressure, static vs. directed pressure, pore fluid, time), types of metamorphism (contact, regional), classification of metamorphic rocks (foliated, nonfoliated), metamorphic grade (index minerals, metamorphic facies), convergent plate boundaries (paired metamorphic belts)

Hints - You should be prepared to answer questions about any of the subjects listed above, however, I can guarantee questions on the following topics: