Geology 333 - Earth Materials and the Environment

Useful Web Links

Illinois Compass 2g Web Site <>
Two of the Lecture homework assignments, the Wiki Group project, and grades are available at the Illinois Compass 2g Web site for GEOL 333.  Use your University Network ID and University Password to log onto the Illinois Compass 2g Web site and then click on the link Spring 2016-GEOL 333-Earth Materials and the Environment-GEOL 333 + ESE 333. To view your grades, click on the link My Grades on the left side.

Univ. of Illinois Campus Services for Students <>
The University of Illinois provides many services to its students to help their success. This page lists Web site addresses for 26 different campus services including the categories of Health, Academic, Diversity and Inclusion, Crisis, Financial, and Miscellaneous. It was compiled by Dr. Tanu Kohli in Global Studies.

Mineralogy Database <>
This site offers a mineralogy database of about 5,000 pages of mineral data with information on all known mineral species. About 4,000 individual mineral species data descriptions are sorted by crystal structure, chemical composition, physical and optical properties, classification by Dana and Strunz, and alphabetical listings. Additional resources include selected mineral definitions, related links and photos of some minerals.

Mineral Gallery <>
Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery is a large collection of mineral descriptions, images, and specimens, including many for sale. The descriptions include searchable mineralogical data, plus other information of interest to students and rock hounds.

Minerals under the Microscope <>
Excellent introduction to the optical microscope and analysis of thin sections of minerals and rocks using the optical microscope. Created by Charlotte Gladstone from Dept. of Earth Sciences, Univ. of Bristol.

Optical Mineralogy <>
Another excellent introduction to the analysis of thin sections of minerals and rocks using the optical microscope. Loads of photos of geologically important minerals in thin section. Created by Dexter Perkins from Dept. of Geology and Geological Engineering, Univ. of North Dakota.

Mineral Links from Mineralogical Society of America <>
The Mineralogical Society of America has a variety of excellent mineral-related links here.

Geology Library - Special Home Page for GEOL 333 Research <>
The Geology Library has a special Web site designed to help GEOL 333 students find many kinds of Library resources.

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