References for Scientific Communication, Internet Resources, Plagiarism, and Literary Style

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Evaluating Web Information <>

This Web site from Virginia Tech U. Library discusses how to critically evaluate Internet information.

Evaluating Web Pages <>

This Web site from U. Calif. Berkeley Library reviews how to critically evaluate information found on the Internet.

Follett, W. (1974) Modern American Usage: Warner Paperback Library (New York, NY) 528 p.

Geology Library Resources - Special Web site created by Lura Joseph (Dept. of Geology Librarian) and designed to help GEOL 333 students find many kinds of library resources at:

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Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It <>

This Web site from Indiana Univ. reviews plagiarism, including specific examples, and how to avoid it.

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Style Sheets for Citing Resources (Print & Electronic <>

This Web site from U. Calif. Berkeley Library reviews why and how to cite Internet information.

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students <>

This Web site from Penn State Univ. accompanies the Alley (1996) textbook, referenced above. There is a lot of nicely presented information here including a writing workbook (with sample formats and documents) and interactive writing exercises to help students with issues of grammar, punctuation, usage, and style.